Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reconstruction Debates

The reconstruction debate seemed to be a popular idea among the DLC students.  Although I did not participate in the actual debating, this actually turned out to be a better experience for me than I thought it would have.  I enjoyed watching the debates, and hearing everyone conference about it was interesting.  I also noticed that even though people seemed stressed and/or nervous about presenting, they looked thrilled to be debating again.  You could definitely notice the changes from the other debate we had compared to this one.  Most people seemed much more confident speaking in front of a crowd, and since they knew exactly how a debate worked, they were more organized, especially when they switched speakers.  
What appeared to be the most stressful aspect of the debates was the fact that we were performing in front of the 8th graders.  However, whenever their presentations went wrong, someone always managed to regroup, and fix what they were doing.  Aside from a few mistakes and some other small problems, the reconstruction debates were, if not successful, at least enjoyable.


  1. Diana, sorry you did not get to participate in the debate, however, I completely agree with your observations. Things were the same in AM. - Keara

  2. Genuine, candid, nice, and accurate. Great post! I am sorry you were not able to participate in the debate. Hopefully, you guys will be more resilienet next time.