Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

During this year, I have been mentally changed in ways I never thought possible.  In the beginning, when I looked over my Welcome Video for the last time, I thought it was a wonderful project.  Looking back now, I can easily see a variety of things I should have changed.  Also every time I see a simple commercial, I automatically think of changes I would have made.
My proudest moment this year was when a group of people graded me on my Thematic Causes video, and most believed I deserved an A.  For the first time I definitely felt like I belonged in DLC.
This semester, I hope to make my projects more digitally advanced. I often feel out-shined by everyone else in the Digital Learning Center, but this semester I will try to change that.
My hardest challenges have been making up my mind about how I want to make a project, and also letting myself believe a project is 'good enough' instead of how I really want it to be.  The sooner I decide how I want the product to look, the easier it will be to make it come together.  This will mean that I will no longer have to tell myself that I have to publish a project because I ran out of time, and I will be happier with how my projects turn out.  Another challenge I have is finding the right images.  I spend so much time looking for the perfect image, I not only don't find it, but I also run out of time.


  1. I also did feel as if I thought my welcome video was amazing but looking back I can find major spots that needed work and now I could have changed. Why was the Thematic Causes video the first time you felt like you belonged in the DLC? That was almost half way through the year. I don't think that you had to prove yourself because Miss Bailin had said that you are a good student and all the comments I hear about you are positive. I think that maybe to you you had to prove something but I think that you had already proved yourself at least to me anyway. I also have a hard time making my mind up if a project is 'good enough' and I don't want to give up on a project saying it's 'good enough'. Also, you say, "I have been mentally changed in ways I never thought possible,". Why have in grown this year in the DLC rather than any other year?

  2. Diana,

    I absolutely LOVE critiquing television commercials! I it is so awesome to know how they did everything and what they "should have done". Speaking of "should have", I think that all of your projects have been wonderful. There is no "should have" with you. Just trust yourself, and try not to spend all of your time planning. Something that really helped me this year in time is to just roll with what happens. Maybe it happened for the best!

    Also, I, too, spend WAY too much time searching for a perfect image, even though it stays on the screen for a total of two seconds in my project! Sometimes there aren't any images that can truly express what you want to get across, but I have discovered that that is what the movement in Keynote is for! Just be happy with what is going down on your project and trust yourself with it. Just so you know, I have to deal with the same thing that you do. I do not trust myself with my project and nothing is good enough for me. I have just made the connection that you and me are both huge perfectionists. The only difference is that you are a QUIET perfectionist. I have never known this about you before.

    Are you hoping to do anything in the 2nd semester, project-wise? I know that you want to improve your tech skills, and I think that a very technology-oriented project would actually be well-suiting for the whole DLC, just to pull everything we learned in tech together.

  3. @Diana
    I have been mentally challenged in DLC so many times, that it's impossible to count. However, I find that if I calm down and relax, the cloud of confusion will clear, and with a little help, I can avoid a breakdown and move on.
    Also in my experiences in DLC, I have acquired a critiquing, yet sensitive eye that is ready for harder rubrics and tougher assignments than first quarter.... However, like you, my brain is wired to look at everything I watch with a critique in the back of my mind, which can be very annoying and distracting. Unfortunately, this can sometimes keep me from getting to sleep at night...... Does that happen to you to?
    I ALWAYS think that my projects SUCK before anyone views them...... Most of them I still unfortunately think suck though people disagree. This doesn't add to my confidence until I have had many other people's opinions. This is another reason why it's great to peer review (if possible) with lot's of people before turning in a final product. And by the way, your projects have never been short of a job well done. And if there's times when you feel discouraged or unpleased, remember to keep looking forward, not backward. What happened in the past is over and unchangeable, and accepting that is something that all people struggle with, including myself. Eventually though, you'll find a way to let go, realize that you did your best, and that's really all that matters.
    I believe I was one of the people who did get to preview your Causes project, and I was very impressed with it. :) I'm glad that you were happy with it as well, it shows that you acknowledged you hard work, and that it truly did pay off. :) That was certainly a moment to be proud of. :)

    ~Elizabeth~ (Continued on Second Post)

  4. @Diana (Continued)

    One of the few things that shocked me when I read your post, was how your Causes project was the first time you felt like you "belonged in DLC." Everybody in DLC is there for a reason, if you didn't belong, you wouldn't be there. Both I, as well as the rest of the DLC and more, will agree that you add much to the class. Without you, things wouldn't be the same. You should recognize your qualities of self-motivation, intelligence, and creativity, which perfectly describes a student in the DLC. :)

    I also would like to take advantage of new software and such, to make my projects more digitally advanced. :) You as well as myself and many other people (including people who don't have the guts to admit it), feel out shined by people who seem to have their nitch in a particular software. I am still awaiting the day when I ABSOLUTELY fall in love with a software I can master. :)

    Another thing we have in common is trying to decide on a single idea. My ideas usually start weak, then gradually form into strong, unique ideas. Other times, like in group projects when I don't always get my way, I have to just suck it up, and try my best with sometimes limited resources and options. This type of situation is difficult to deal with and still be confident at the end. When I am mad at anyone, (usually myself), I take deep breathes and look on the brightside of things. I can ALWAYS think of a situation worse than the one I'm in at that time. Also, as long as you know in your heart and soul that you tried your best, things will fall into place, and no matter what the outcome, you should be proud of yourself. :)

    The image challenge is very frustrating for me. Sometimes I get lost in searching, and I just can't move on. However, when much time has passed, I usually come to my senses before time runs out, pic a decent image, and move on. If I don't come to my senses, then I do have a hard time settling for a picture. This is where the deep breathes and happy thoughts come in to play. I try to move on from it as best I can. Another strategy I use is to just stop, take a break, and come back to the task with a cleared, focused mind. Have you ever tried that? What strategies do you use to help yourself in frustrating and challenging situations? Do you think you will use any of the strategies I have mentioned?


  5. @Luke
    I never was really sure that I belonged because I would always look at everyone else's projects and say to myself, "Why didn't I think of that?" and it would lead to me questioning if I really belonged in the DLC or not. Then when we graded each other's Thematic Causes projects everyone gave a me a higher grade then I would have expected. I guess I just wasn't sure until everyone else in DLC told me exactly what I should've changed-and I remembered thinking that I HAD thought of that, but wasn't sure which option would be better. I think that it was because I had the same thoughts that I finally felt I belonged.

    I think you might be right about me being a perfectionist....I've been thinking of taking my own pictures this semester to get my point across exactly the way I want to. I hope that while we have some more challenging projects, we also have some that are the same as the first semester, just harder grading.

    I don't think I have ever stayed up because of something I would've changed...however I always think about it for a couple days.

    No I have not stopped and come back but I will try. It sounds like a good idea. Most of the time I just take a deep breath and think for a few minutes before continuing. And yes I will try out some of your strategies, maybe they will help more than mine.

  6. @Diana-

    Love your post. You know, its humbling to be in the DLC. Everyone is so talented and gifted, its easily to think, "I don't belong here." But really, your post epitomizes the DLC: Highs, lows, and heightened awareness of technology surrounding you. You obviously belong here.