Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

During this year, I have been mentally changed in ways I never thought possible.  In the beginning, when I looked over my Welcome Video for the last time, I thought it was a wonderful project.  Looking back now, I can easily see a variety of things I should have changed.  Also every time I see a simple commercial, I automatically think of changes I would have made.
My proudest moment this year was when a group of people graded me on my Thematic Causes video, and most believed I deserved an A.  For the first time I definitely felt like I belonged in DLC.
This semester, I hope to make my projects more digitally advanced. I often feel out-shined by everyone else in the Digital Learning Center, but this semester I will try to change that.
My hardest challenges have been making up my mind about how I want to make a project, and also letting myself believe a project is 'good enough' instead of how I really want it to be.  The sooner I decide how I want the product to look, the easier it will be to make it come together.  This will mean that I will no longer have to tell myself that I have to publish a project because I ran out of time, and I will be happier with how my projects turn out.  Another challenge I have is finding the right images.  I spend so much time looking for the perfect image, I not only don't find it, but I also run out of time.